Hola! I’m Arlie. I’m the main heart behind OurIntensiveLove.

I’m a Registered Nurse, Sex Geek, LGBTIQ Ally, Health Nut, Animal lover, Dreamer and all round Sex-positive, Kink-positive, Hedonistic and chocolate-addicted Lover (not a fighter).

I’m currently pursuing a Masters in Sexuality, Reproductive Health and Psychosexual Therapy at University of Sydney, Australia. So, I’m soon to be working as a registered Sex Therapist, Sexologist and Counsellor. OurIntensiveLove will be the launching point for that!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy some of the stories, fun and education I have to share with you along the way!

(Feel free to email me for questions or requests of topics that you’d like me to cover!)

I’m just hoping to change the world and our relationships through promoting Sex-positive and inclusive education and public discourses, and generally throwing tired old taboos and stereotypes in the bin (where they belong).

Please don’t be shy in contacting me if you would like to collaborate

Just the bare bones at the moment until I figure out all this site builder stuff…

More to come!! Xx